Alpharetta FUMC
Monday, March 02, 2015
Exceptional Children's Ministry


The mission of the AFUMC Exceptional Children’s Ministry is to encourage those with exceptionalities and their families to know the love of Christ in a safe, accepting and nurturing environment. AFUMC is a place where these special people can look forward to engaging the worship experience because of the support and resources provided.  This ministry celebrates inclusion through a personalized experience that enables us to effectively engage special individuals through our love for God, children, and youth. 
Please contact Special Needs Coordinator Allyssa Green to learn more about the Exceptional Children's Ministry.

Help Us Serve You

Please complete the Exceptional Children's Ministry Registration form, so we know more about your family and your child's exceptionality. This form is new as of February 2013, so even if your child already participates in this ministry, please complete the form. Doing so will ensure that we are aware of any changes to your child’s exceptionality and that our database is up to date. 


If you are interested in being a shadow for an exceptional child, or if you have shadowed before, please share your contact information by Allyssa Green. She would love to talk with you about your experiences and how you can participate in this exciting opportunity. 

Sunday mornings

On Sunday mornings, while parents attend our 11 a.m. worship services and during the Sunday School hour, we provide a "buddy" for children under the age of 12 who need a trained volunteer to provide assistance. It is our desire that each and every child knows the love of Jesus Christ. In order to arrange a "buddy" for your child, please e-mail Allyssa Green.


Our Facebook support group,, is a great resource for families of children with special needs. Look to this page for information about AFUMC's Special Needs Ministry, tips about community activities for special needs families, and support from other parents and caregivers.


AFUMC's campus includes a playground built to serve our Exceptional Children's Ministry and children ages 3-6 years. This playground is fully accessible featuring ramps and a poured rubber surface; thus allowing children, parents and grandparents in wheelchairs or with mobility assistance devices the freedom to fully access the playground and play equipment. This playground can be found near the entrance to Trinity Hall near the prayer garden.