Growing, Serving, Learning

Sunday groups provide a way for adults to grow in the knowledge and love of God by learning, serving, praying and doing life together. Groups are offered for adults of all ages and stages in life, and newcomers are always welcome. Feel free to visit a few groups until you find the place that feels like “home.” If you need help finding a group, contact Director of Discipleship Wes Maston (770-521-8783).

While we’re social distancing, most Sunday groups are meeting online through Zoom. Contact the class leader for the link if you’d like to “visit” a class online.

Sundays at 8:15 a.m.

Ages: 40s-70s
Contact: Wes Maston, 770-521-8783

Everyone is invited to this discussion class.

Sundays at 9:30 a.m.

Age Range: 50 plus
Contact: Sharon Rocchio

Inspired by the verses in John 15:1-17, this class’s goal is to follow Jesus Christ and be obedient to God. By “abiding in him,” class members strive to fulfill Christ’s purpose in their lives. The class is a mix of faith journeys and ages. This diversity lends itself to thoughtful discussion. Curriculum includes a variety of media and authors.

Breakfast Club

Age Range: 30s
Contact: Juliette Johnson

The Breakfast Club is close-knit, inquisitive and fun-loving group of couples with young children. Two of the Breakfast Club’s favorite authors are Adam Hamilton and Rob Bell.

Age Range: 50 plus
Contact: Kathy Vail

The Builders class chose its name because its original members were endeavoring to form new relationships while following Christ the carpenter. The class is an interactive, diverse group of Christians, affirming each other in their attempt to grow more in Christ. The class has been active in a variety of mission projects both collectively and individually.

Age Range: 70 plus
Contact: Roy Foster III

The Cobb Class analyzes scripture using Bible commentaries. The class was originally organized in 1946 to serve the needs of young adults at a time when many young men were returning from service in World War II. The class still honors its namesake, Eulalia Cobb, who served as class leader for more than 15 years. Her portrait still hangs in their Sunday School classroom. The class strives to be friendly, fun and caring.

Age Range: All ages welcome
Contact: Pam Schiftic
Discerning Hearts is a women’s only Sunday School class.

Age Range: 30s-50s
Contact: Eric Adkins, 770-597-4484
Nicole Britt: 404-578-4105
Danielle Day: 404-664-7148

The Faith Foundations and Family Matters classes are now Faith Matters! The class is comprised of families with children ranging in age from toddler to teen. Members have been brought together by a desire for fellowship and a deeper understanding of faith. The class is committed to seeking instruction from the Bible on how to lead Christian lives and nurture Christian families.

Class members endeavor to forge and maintain relationships with each other that foster a sense of Christian community and help them grow in faith together.

Age Range: 40s to 60s
Contact: Kelly Ryan, 678-756-3342

Families of Faith is a class made up of singles and couples. Most members have middle school through college-aged children. Families of Faith celebrates the fact that families look different, but that all families need Christ in the center. Study topics are chosen to uplift and challenge members in their daily walk with God. The class recognizes the importance of serving the ministries of our church and community, and members encourage one another to volunteer.

Family Ties Sunday School class

Age Range: 30-50s
Contact: Jane Scott

Named after the 80s TV show, Family Ties is a group of young parents focusing on Christian living, marriage and children. Class time is highlighted by open discussion.

A mission-oriented group, Family Ties adopts a family each Christmas.

During the summer months the class uses The Wired Word for class discussions.

Age Range: 40s-70
Contact: Joy Boone

Footsteps is a very diverse class pursuing a wide variety of discussion topics. The class generally alternates a 6-week Bible study and a book study. The Footsteps class welcomes anyone with a sense of humor who wants to grow in faith.

Age Range: All ages
Contact: Grady Moss and Leo Reilly

If you’re going through a life-changing event that’s left you unsettled – job loss, death of a loved one, divorce, etc.– join The Greenhouse. Explore biblical ways to move forward into a flourishing and fulfilled life in Christ.

Age Range: 40s-70s
Contact: Cindy Roberts

Meets Sundays at 6 p.m.

In His Steps Sunday School class draws its name from 1 Peter 2:21, “Christ also suffered for you, leaving you an example, so that you should follow in His steps.” The class is comprised of members who are single and married, working and retired – all of whom are striving to be more Christ-like. In His Steps uses books and video for short-term studies that are highlighted by open discussion.

A mission-oriented group, class members serve as ushers and small group leaders. Several sing in the Chancel Choir.

Age Range: 40s-50s
Contacts: Mary Ann Coram

In the Middle began in early 2015, at the conclusion of the parent confirmation course that runs simultaneously to Student Ministry confirmation classes. In the Middle was selected as a class name because many of the parents are middle-aged and have middle school children. The class is comprised of members who are single and married.

Age Range: 60 plus
Contact: Connie Rappa or James Spruell

The Open Door class name recalls the United Methodist Church’s slogan, “Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors.” The class pursues a traditional study of the Bible, focusing on reading scripture. Members support North Fulton Community Charities and Paraguay missionary Christian Dickson, who hails from Alpharetta Methodist.

Age Range: 60-70
Contact: Sandy Kirkpatrick, 770-378-5764

Formed in the mid-1970s, Pairs and Spares was named for its inclusion of both couples and singles.

The class is oriented toward serving others. Members have collected food for the North Fulton Community Charities food pantry and done yard work for shut-ins. Many class members have participated in Honduras mission trips.

Age Range: 40-70
Contact: Joy and Bud Manbeck

The members of Pathfinders are constantly seeking to “find their path” and follow Christ. The class uses Bible studies that have strong study guides and DVDs, with class members rotating teaching responsibilities.

The Pathfinders membership can be described as “supportive, loving and seeking God’s will.”

Age Range: 60 plus
Contact: Nancy Drake, June James

The Serendipity class is an intellectually oriented group that encourages academic open discussion. Subjects are Bible studies, Methodist beliefs and various other topics that are structured with life and biblical application (Bible to life or life to Bible.) From time to time, a current or classic book regarding faith/religion is chosen by the group for study. Teachers are class or staff members, ministers or outside resource persons who have expertise in a particular subject.

Age Range: 40-65
Contact: Beth Simpson

Spirit in Action was formed 20 years ago with the desire to be the hands and feet of Christ. Though we still have many of the original members, we continue to add new faces to our class. We are laid back, supportive and very active in the life of the church. The class is led by various members of the class in Bible study each Sunday.