MADE: Special Needs Ministry

The name originates from Psalm 139:14:
“I am fearfully and wonderfully MADE.”

The mission of Alpharetta Methodist’s Special Needs Ministry, MADE, is to encourage those with exceptions and their families to know the love of Christ in a safe, accepting, and nurturing environment. Individuals can look forward to engaging in a worship experience because of the support and resources provided. We are fearfully and wonderfully MADE, Making A Difference Eternally.

Help Us Serve You

Please email our Director of Children’s Ministry if you would like to receive care for your child during Sunday School or Children’s Worship. We will pair your child with a volunteer buddy so your child may fully experience our Children’s Ministry programming. Additionally, we have a Special Needs Room designed as a quiet and creative space for children who need a quiet place on Sunday mornings.


Volunteer Buddies

If you’re interested in being a buddy for a child with special needs, or if you have served as a buddy before, please send us your contact information. We would love to talk with you about your experiences and how you can participate in this exciting opportunity.


Inclusive Playground

Alpharetta Methodist’s campus includes a playground built to serve children with special needs and children ages 3-6. This playground is fully accessible and features ramps and a poured rubber surface, allowing children, parents and grandparents in wheelchairs or with mobility assistance devices the freedom to fully access the playground and play equipment. The inclusive playground is located off of Cumming Street.