Club 45 is designed specifically for 4th and 5th grade preteens. We know that preteen years can be awkward, and they sometimes can feel a little out of place. In Club 45 we want every preteen to feel like they belong. Our purpose is to create a space for preteens to experience God, ingraining his truth into their hearts, which will anchor their lives.


With community, competition, connection and leadership,
we are able to create an environment of growth for preteens.

Sunday School

10-11 a.m.

We gather together every Sunday morning to dive deeper into God’s Word.

We also meet once a month for a few hours of fun games, to participate in a service project and to enjoy small group discussions. Every year, we participate in the the North Georgia United Methodist Church’s Fall Retreat at Camp Glisson, as well as provide a day camp during the summer.