The Communications Office makes every effort to publish submitted information via available communications channels. Submissions are reviewed regularly to ensure information is received within the designated deadlines, is complete and accurate, reflects the mission of our congregation and fits with the overall communications strategy of our church.

The media in which your information will be published is at the discretion of the Communications Office, as are editorial decisions for brevity, clarity, style, etc.; placement of newsletter articles; headlines; and timing and frequency of publication. Submitted information may be published in all or some of Alpharetta Methodist media channels based on a number of factors including timing, available space, the complexity of publicity requests and the church’s over-arching communications strategy.

Please submit information to be publicized according to the following schedule:

    • General announcements: Three weeks prior to the date of publication.
    • Large events requiring registration: For sufficient promotion, four months prior to the opening of the registration period.
    • Regular events requiring registration (for example, classes): Three weeks prior to the opening of the registration period.