How We Serve
Around the Corner
and Around the World

Alpharetta Methodist’s mission is “to win men and women, boys and girls to Jesus Christ.” Toward that goal, we strive to be the “hands and feet of Christ” by serving people in our local community, around the globe and in the church family.


Outreach opportunities are grouped into 3 categories:

  • In the Church: Ministries are expressions of faith that primarily serve our faith community. Anyone can volunteer to help with a ministry.
  • Outside the Church: Missions are expressions of faith that serve people outside the Alpharetta Methodist family. Specific mission programs serve locally, regionally and internationally. Everyone is welcome to volunteer.
  • Administrative Committees: These groups support the operations of the church. Administrative Committees usually support specific areas. Nominees to serve on administrative committees are recommended by the Committee on Nominations and approved at the annual Charge Conference.

Administrative Committees

For more information about Administrative Committees, please contact the church office at 770-475-5576.

The Church Council plans and implements the programs and mission of the church and oversees the administration of the church.

The Nominations Council identifies committee members and leadership for all administrative committees. Nominations are approved by the Church Council.

The Board of Trustees is charged with supervision and care of all property and equipment owned by the church.

The Finance Committee oversees and manages the financial health of the church.

The Staff-Parish Relations Committee serves as the administrative unit of the church on matters related to effective ministry, congregational relationships, and interpreting the nature and function of the ministry.

The Building Committee oversees capital improvements such as remodeling, rebuilding or renovation.

The Council on Ministries provides guidance and oversight to church ministries.

The Stewardship Committee is responsible for developing a program to encourage generosity and educate church members about the upcoming year’s budget. The committee also emphasizes that, in addition to financial gifts, church members are encourage to be good stewards in terms of presence, service, witness and prayers.

The Legacy Committee’s focus is educating church members about the advantages of planning their estate to make a lasting impact on the church.

The Invite Committee focuses on inviting the Alpharetta community to the church for special events.

The Technology Committee provides guidance for staff and volunteers responsible for IT and audio/video support.

The Marketing-Communications Committee provides guidance to the Communications Office staff about initiatives to market the church and special activities to the community and church members.

The Connections Committee helps guests and members find small groups where they feel comfortable and can grow in their faith, worship and serve.

The Student Advisory Committee provides guidance for Student Ministry staff and volunteers.

The Council on Children’s Ministry provides guidance for staff and volunteers involved in children’s programming.

The Discipleship Committee provides guidance for staff and volunteers working to provide small groups and opportunities for guests and members to grow in their faith.

The CREATE Team was initiated at the onset of the church’s recent campus expansion project to organize and publicize key milestones in construction and fundraising.

The Missions Advisory Council guidance for staff and volunteers who coordinate local, regional and international mission opportunities.

The Congregational Care Committee provides guidance for staff and volunteers who are dedicated to meeting the spiritual, emotional, physical and relational needs of church members through congregational care ministries.

The Preschool Board provides oversight and guidance for the weekday Alpharetta Methodist Preschool.

The Worship Committee provides guidance for ministries that focus on ensuring that church members and guests have a welcoming, positive experience when they come to worship on Sunday mornings.

The Church Historian is responsible for recording Alpharetta Methodist’s history and maintaining historical documents.

*Committee required by the United Methodist Church’s Book of Discipline.