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Welcome to the Alpharetta Methodist Students (AMS), the Student Ministry at Alpharetta First United Methodist Church. AMS is a place for middle and high school students to call home.

We are so grateful that we get to be on this journey with you. We want this to be a community that uplifts, empowers and gives worth to everyone. Here is why we do what we do:

To win students to Christ

Our vision is simple: Alpharetta Methodist Students (AMS) is all about introducing students to life-changing relationships with Jesus and others. It’s through meaningful experiences, authentic teaching, humble service, and a creative digital presence that our students will be equipped to shape culture and influence the world.

At AMS we value being:

  • Irresistible: We desire to build creative experiences that students label as “can’t miss.”
  • Courageous: We hope that everyone involved in our community will strive to live a life that is bold and brave in bringing Jesus’ influence to the world.
  • Relational: We believe that we are designed for consistent community with God and others.
  • Authentic: We aim to be real, honest and genuine in all that we do.
  • Empathetic: We seek to understand the challenges, stresses and circumstances that students are facing, and we want to walk with students through them.

Volunteering with Student Ministry

Why is it important for us to serve in this way with our students?

Though we may think differently, our next generation badly needs the example and investment of those down the road from them. Statistics show that students who keep their faith throughout college had at least 5 unique adult followers of Christ that were investing into them during their middle and high school years. We are striving to provide each of our students at least that number during their journey through our program.

Serving within Student Ministry is so much more than crowd control during student activities. It’s taking the time to plant seeds in the hearts of young individuals that are eager for someone to walk with them in their journey. These seeds rarely return void, instead producing fruit for many years to come. No service could be more rewarding!

What does serving within Student Ministry look like?

On a Sunday, we have many opportunities to serve students in several ways, including:

  • Sunday School (or Confirmation) Teacher: Teachers are provided with curriculum to lead one of our groups. You can volunteer for a set period of time or mix into a rotation (1 or 2 times per month). You can lead a 6th, 7th, 8th or high school groups.
  • Life Group Leader: Be a small group leader for our Sunday evening small group structure. You’ll lead a grade and gender specific group throughout the school year.
  • Greeter: Serve as in this hospitality role for Sunday School or on Sunday evenings.
  • Food Team: Every Sunday evening during the school year, we provide dinner for our students. This requires a loving group of adults who will come to the church during the afternoon to prepare dinner with supplies the church provides.
  • Confirmation Prayer Partner (during Confirmation): Get paired up with one of our confirmands and pray/encourage them throughout the Confirmation process. This involves a quick Sunday morning check-in before sessions begin.

Please contact Student Ministry Director Lucas Pruett for information on serving with our students, or complete the Service Interest Form and we’ll be in touch with you.