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Welcome to the Alpharetta Methodist Students (AMS), the Student Ministry at Alpharetta First United Methodist Church. AMS is a place for middle and high school students to call home.

We are so grateful that we get to be on this journey with you. We want this to be a community that uplifts, empowers and gives worth to everyone. Here is why we do what we do:

To win students to Christ

Our vision is simple:

Alpharetta Methodist Students (AMS) is all about introducing students to life-changing relationships with Jesus and others. It’s through meaningful experiences, authentic teaching, humble service, and a creative digital presence that our students will be equipped to shape culture and influence the world.

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At AMS we value being:

  • Irresistible: We desire to build creative experiences that students label as “can’t miss.”
  • Courageous: We hope that everyone involved in our community will strive to live a life that is bold and brave in bringing Jesus’ influence to the world.
  • Relational: We believe that we are designed for consistent community with God and others.
  • Authentic: We aim to be real, honest and genuine in all that we do.
  • Empathetic: We seek to understand the challenges, stresses and circumstances that students are facing, and we want to walk with students through them.